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The Macalope Weekly: Hard lessons to learn

There are painful truths in this world, and it appears some people are in denial. The Macalope hates to break it to Samsung (HA!), but it’s not fooling anyone with its entrepreneurial baloney. Actually, that’s …
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The Week in iPad Cases: Slick, thin, and beautiful

In this week’s iPad-case roundup, you’ll find everything from thin and inconspicuous to flashy and luxurious, with protection all around. ————— Article brought to you by: . Visit the site for more great articles.http://www.macworld.com/article/2062126/the-week-in-ipad-cases-slick-thin-and-beautiful.html#tk.rss_all

Of iTunes and iBooks

Since the release of OS X Mavericks, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about ebooks and iTunes. I address three of these in this week’s column. I also look at a question about smart playlists …
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Apple experts seek to justify $380 million damages claim against Samsung

How much value do you put on certain features in the cellphone you buy? Most consumers probably don’t assign a dollar value to specific items, but the detailed calculations handset manufacturers make were at the …
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FCC chief pressures carriers on cellphone unlocking

The newly seated chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has told mobile operators to voluntarily ease up on cellphone unlocking or risk being forced to do so. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler sent a letter …
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Google fixes Chrome vulnerabilities exploited at Pwn2Own contest

Google released emergency security updates for Chrome in order to patch critical vulnerabilities demonstrated Thursday by a security researcher at the Mobile Pwn2Own hacking competition. The vulnerabilities were exploited by a security researcher who uses …
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Sidecar and Lyft switch from donations to minimum fares in California

People using the transportation apps Lyft and Sidecar in California will no longer be able to skimp on their fares, now that both apps have ditched their donation model. Sidecar said Friday it was doing …
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Apple’s Schiller testifies in case against Samsung

Apple’s global marketing chief told a California courtroom on Friday that Apple had a tougher time selling the iPhone after Samsung launched its own smartphones with a similar design. “It has been much harder to …
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The Week in iPhone Cases: Ritzy glitzy

There’s glitter on our radar in this week’s iPhone-case roundup, with accessories that bring a little sparkle to your handset, a dash of haute-couture for your enjoyment, and an assortment of the toughest protection available. …
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Waterfield Designs’ Staad review: A beautifully practical bag

Before passing judgment on Waterfield Designs’ Staad BackPack it’s only fair to reveal my biases: I’ve long been a fan of the company’s work because I like its sense of design and solid workmanship. And …
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