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Linkswitch #98, Freelance Web Development, On The Road, Facebook Changes

Every other week we roundup some of the highest quality articles and resources that benefit freelancers from across the web. We present these articles here on various helpful topics. This week we have articles on learning freelance web development, grammar goofs, working on the road, and more.


7 Steps to Learning Freelance Web Development,

So you want to become a freelance web developer. Maybe you’re already a front-end developer and want to dig deeper into web applications, or maybe you’re a copy wiz and are eyeing the countless developer positions out there. Either way, it’s an entirely new skill you’ll be picking up. Here’s how to do it successfully.

The challenge for most is finding the right resources, understanding them, and staying motivated when you hit walls. While learning from quality resources is needed, it’s the process behind learning that will set you apart. It’s important to create the best learning environment to ensure your success.

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly

Making some grammatical errors just makes you look bad, and hurts your effectiveness. Assembled here (as a handy reference) are the 15 most egregious grammar goofs into one helpful infographic.

12 Things That Will Kill Your Blog Post Every Time

Blogging is a lot like fishing. Some people do it all the time and never catch anything…while others catch everything. Why is that? You know better than to say it is luck. So let’s call it what it is…when you look around at successful blogs…whatever industry or topic…there are several undeniable basics to success. And it starts with blog posts that kill it…rather than get killed. But what kills a blog post? Here’s a list of 12 things…ignore them and you will have a tough time being successful.

On The Road: How To Produce Great Work While Traveling The World

So what’s the secret to taking the plunge? Jump into this interview with professional travelers on the99percent.

7 New Facebook Changes Impacting Businesses

Facebook pages are changing. And that means your business strategy will need to change. In fact, Facebook has made many new changes that will impact anyone with a Facebook page. These changes emerged from Facebook’s fMC 2012 Conference. The overall message was that Facebook is looking at pages as a “mission control” point (which is where the MC comes from in the conference title). Here is an overview of the changes and how brands can take advantage of some of the new features.

A Scientific Approach to Writing Page Titles

Most clever bloggers spend a little thought on each page title—they think carefully about how to word it in such a way as to get both the search engines and the potential readers to pay attention. But let’s face it, if this is your method, all you are really doing is typing something that “sounds good.” Learn a slightly more scientific approach to page titles.

Earning More When You Have No Free Time: How a full-time law student earned $50k on the side

Learn how liz earned $50,000 on the side as a law student? With a part-time job and a new baby – quite a few barriers to work around with regard to to time mangement. Learn how she doubled her average hourly rate and tips on how you can do it too.

The Cold, Hard Truth About Guest Posts

Learn the problems with most guest post submissions. How to avoid them and increase your acceptance ratio. You’d be surprised how slapped-together and filled with grammar and structural problems most guest post submissions have.

The Freelancer’s Pros and Cons of Early Adoption

As a freelancer, should you be an early adopter? The answer is, that depends… This post weighs the pros and cons of becoming an early adopter from a freelancing standpoint.

4 To-Dos for the “Someday” Entrepreneur

Surprisingly, the ability to take the plunge into entrepreneurship has a lot less to do with people’s personalities, and a lot more to do with how accessible and familiar the experience of entrepreneurship is to them. Those who can picture themselves running a business often do.

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